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Courteney Boots

Courteney boots are worn by Africa's top safari guides

Courteney boots and shoes are hand made in a small workshop in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Unlike mass produced footwear made from "high tech" synthetic materials, they use only natural materials. The upper, lining, insole and sock are all natural leather, allowing your foot to breathe which helps to prevent blisters. They make their own flexible natural rubber soles that are extremely durable. They import the world's best threads, adhesives and grindery. Their lasts are made by England's best foot form maker allowing them to produce footwear that fits a wide range of men and women.

These are manufactured the old fashion way - they just don't make things like this anymore.

Return Policy
Try our boots out indoors.
If you need a different size, or would like to return them, use the return shipping label provided in the box. Please enclose a note as to what you would like to do.
No return authorization is required.

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